Sunday 25th of March 2018
Skyline Plaza
ELITE STYLE Studio on 14
Alencon Link
RG21 7AZ

Our March 2018 ELITE STYLE event was an introduction to Men’s Style, as well as a presentation of The Parisian Gentleman publication.

This event full of energy and enthusiasm was presented by founder and fashion stylist, Gloria Fairhurst, to our male audience with a focus to make them feel and look like the modern handsome gentlemen.

Our expert stylist, Gloria, was inspired by The Parisian Gentleman book and shared a few insights and knowledge from the author Hugo Jacoment.
The impeccable photography by Andy Julia provided excellent examples to complement Gloria’s words.

We presented ten of the European leading men’s style-makers, from little known ateliers to internationally renowned names such as shirt-makers Charvet, bespoke tailors Maximilian Mucska, shoe-makers Berluti, and trunk-makers Moynat.

Our guests received personalised advice on the best styles to complement their body shape, and a guide to being the ultimate gentleman.

We also enjoyed practical tasks, such as how to tie silk ties and sew buttons.

Towards the end of the event, we discussed men’s skincare routines to maintain healthy skin, and provided complimentary shaving and grooming products.

Complimentary Starbucks Coffee and a variety of teas and pastries were served to keep the energy levels up throughout the event.

We are celebrating all of the modern men and their individual styles across the world and we would like to offer you 10% OFF of our SERVICES and PRODUCTS.
Simply enter EVENT1803 at the checkout.

ELITE STYLE LONDON looks forward to delivering a great service and ensuring that you are perfectly styled for every occasion.

We would like to thank the following people for their support, engagement, free samples and kind words on Instagram:
The Parisian Gentleman – Hugo Jacoment, author, Paris
Clinique – Vicky Doran, Counter Manager, Debenhams, Basingstoke
Starbucks Coffee – Nigel Skeete, Store Manager, Festival Place, Basingstoke