At ELITE STYLE LONDON we are passionate about inspiring people to look and feel great through our personal styling, fashion accessories and beauty products. It is our mission is to help people on their journey to embracing their style.

At the heart of our business is our desire and commitment to bring you, our clients, our customers and our community exceptional service and the very best of fashion and beauty products.

We believe that by helping people to make better choices, we can together improve our world around us and build a better future for the next generation.

In the English language there are an estimated 171K words and how we describe our brand and what we stand for is below:

E – Elegance
L – Love
I – Inspiration
T – Talent
E – Essence

S – Strong
T – Trustworthy
Y – Youthful
L – Loyal
E – Empowering

L – Legacy
O – Ownership
N – Nurturing
D – Dedication
O – Outstanding
N – Necessity


Gloria Fairhurst 

Gloria is the founder of ELITE STYLE LONDON and has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for 17 years.

During this time, Gloria has been a fashion stylist for British luxury brands, such as L.K.Bennett and Hobbs, and a beauty consultant at Clinique, part of the Estée Lauder group of companies.

Prior to her career in the fashion and beauty industry, Gloria studied Business Administration at Bellevue University USA in Poprad, Slovak Republic, with a vision of starting her own business.

Gloria’s passion is for fashion, personal styling, and developing great client relationships, whilst building a successful business and luxury brand.

When she isn’t working, Gloria relaxes by playing the piano, watching films or enjoying a bath.


Jonathan Cowley

Jon is a full member of the ACCA and a partner at David Howard Chartered Accountants.

Since we incorporated ELITE STYLE LONDON limited in 2017, Jon has been taking care of our company accounts, self assessments, and assisting us with all aspects of accounting. Over the years we have built a strong business relationship and he always provides us with an excellent service.

Jon enjoys the technical side of reporting and has been actively involved in the implementation of the new reporting standards FRS102 and FRS105.

Outside of work, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, either at home or taking long walks on the North Downs. He is an avid swimmer and also enjoys watching Formula 1.

Oliver Martin

Ollie is an experienced web developer and a digital marketing consultant at Understood Media.

Since 2020, Ollie has been developing our website and taking care of technical matters such as uploading our regular content, adding our new products, backups and testing. Ollie’s primary task is to develop and support a high-performing and reliable website, whilst making sure that our user experience is as fast and as smooth as possible. He consistently provides us with great technical support and excellent service.

Ollie enjoys the technical side of web development and actively creates reliable and high-performing applications and services, that can be accessed over the internet.

Outside of work, Ollie enjoys traveling, fishing, cooking outdoors, music production and football.

Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is a personal stylist who founded her own personal styling business Style Solutions by Sarah in 2021.

She enjoys working on styling videos for Instagram and runs successful style and make up master classes, as well as building her client portfolio. Sarah’s passion is helping both women and men to ‘dress up show up be confident’. Sarah has recently joined us to assist with our Personal Styling Courses.

Sarah’s primary task is Wardrobe Management and enabling our candidates to make the most of the clothes that they already own by showing them new ways to restyle them. She also assists us with the Style Quiz.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys dancing, yoga and the theatre.