Fashion Styling

Our fashion stylist will put together outfits and garments that match the story and concept you have set out in the brief. We are well connected with stores, brands, and designers, and we monitor trends in fashion with much patience and focus.

Our expert stylist will conceptualize outfits for the shoot or fashion show from brands who fit the brief, and she will go out and borrow these items for the shoot, dress the models in an organized and creative fashion, and ensure that all items are accounted for at the end of the day and returned. A stylist will collaborate with you and help advise on everything from how the story is shot or can be presented on catwalk. 

Handing over styling responsibility to a skilled fashion stylist can free up your time and help ensure you spend your shoot focused on getting the photos you want or achieve an outstanding outcome for the fashion show. 

£1000 – 8 hours 

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