Wednesday 31st August 2022
Pizzeria Zvon
Zvonarska 4
040 01

Our August 2022 ELITE STYLE event was the celebration of the 4th Anniversary of the ES Members Club, as well as an opportunity to network with our members.

This year, we have geographically expanded our club to the USA and Europe, and are happy to also welcome international members and grow our community from overseas.
A warm welcome to Terrance McMahon, mentor, public figure, who is on a mission to mentor the young generation, from the USA.
And a friendly introduction to Milan Sakmary, nutrition coach, who is on the mission to educate his clients about making smarter food choices in order to achieve better health outcomes, from Slovakia.

Our members’ club is available to professionals working in the fashion and beauty industry, and mentors, who enjoy social networking, regular in-person meetups or zoom meetings, providing support and exclusive benefits.

If you are interested to join in and find out more please visit

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your engagements throughout the past 4 years – you, our members are the heart of our Members Club and your feedback is always valuable and appreciated.

We celebrated the 4th Anniversary of our Members Club at the Pizzeria Zvon, one of the best Italian restaurants in Kosice, Slovakia.
This was a very enjoyable celebratory dinner, which included famous Italian cocktails, delicious pizzas, pastas and salads, and many moments of laughter that we will cherish for years to come.

ELITE STYLE LONDON looks forward to delivering a great service and ensuring that you are perfectly styled for every occasion.

We would like to thank the following people for their hospitality and excellent service:
Pizzeria Zvon – friendly and experienced staff, Kosice, Slovakia