Friday 24th June 2022
Gill Nethercott Centre
Winchester Street
RG28 7HP

Our June 2022 ELITE STYLE event marked the launch to our MARY silk scarf collection, as well as an opportunity to network with the community of Whitchurch.

Founder and fashion stylist, Gloria Fairhurst, presented our luxurious silk scarves, bringing them back this season to meet our customers’ demand.

We named our luxury scarf after Queen Mary of Scotland, as the scarf was an excellent accessory on our travels in beautiful Scotland.
The MARY scarf is the spring-summer luxury accessory that adds colour and style to your look. It is your all-important statement piece.
This luxurious scarf is available in royal blue and fuschia pink colourway.

Here is a tip to tell if you are touching a pure silk scarf, from our expert Gloria.
If you bunch up a genuine silk in your hand, it will make a crunching sound similar to someone walking through snow.

Our customers received personalised styling advice and learned how to create their own scarf signature look.

We aim to be in person at Whitchurch library most Fridays to provide you with more luxury accessories, as per our customers’ request.
Come and see us and start your weekend with a new style!

ELITE STYLE LONDON looks forward to delivering a great service and ensuring that you are perfectly styled for every occasion.

We would like to thank following people for their hospitality and excellent service:
Gill Nethercott Centre, Whitchurch – Sue Dorey, event organiser