Monday 23rd March 2020
Virtual Event

Our March 2020 ELITE STYLE event was our first virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with an aim of bringing you positivity and inspiration during these unprecedented times.

We are delighted to introduce our new SS20 Gelato Scarf Collection available in fabulous ice-cream and sorbets colours.
The ANNE summer scarf is available in Blood-orange Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Raspberry Ripple, Blueberry Sorbet, Mint Chocolate and Mulberry Delizioso hues.

Using her creative vision and experience in the fashion industry, founder and fashion stylist, Gloria Fairhurst, demonstrated various ways of how to tie the ANNE Lemon Sorbet Scarf, from a classic knot to a chic bolero style across various social platforms.

We are introducing our new SS20 Gelato Scarf Collection and we would like to offer you 10% OFF of our SERVICES and PRODUCTS.
Simply enter EVENT2003 at the checkout.

ELITE STYLE LONDON looks forward to delivering a great service and ensuring that you are perfectly styled for every occasion.

We would like to thank the following people for their engagement and kind comments on Facebook:
Eliot Raffit inc. – Eliot Raffit, Architect, Artist & Designer, New York

Stay safe, stay well and stay positive!