Friday 26th April 2019
Silk Mill
28 Winchester Street
RG28 7AL

Our April 2019 ELITE STYLE event was the launch of our SS19 MARY Scarf Collection and a visit to the oldest working Silk Mill in the UK, as well as an opportunity to network with the community of Whitchurch.

At the entrance we were impressed by the original mill water wheel and the Victorian machinery.
We learned about the origins of silk and we would like to share a fascinating silk story with you.
According to legend, silk was discovered by Xi Lingshi, a Chinese Empress, about 4500 years ago.
A silk-smooth cocoon fell from a mulberry tree into her tea, which unravelled, revealing a silk thread.
The Chinese guarded the secret of silk for nearly 3000 years! They exported the cloth through Asia and Europe, along the “Silk Road” trading route. Silk-making in Europe finally began around 550 CE and the industry flourished until the 1800s. Today China produces almost two thirds of the world’s silk.

True silk is smooth to the touch, naturally glossy and bright. It drapes well, feels luxurious on the skin and absorbs moisture.
Here is a tip to tell if you are touching pure silk, from our expert stylist Gloria. If you bunch up genuine silk in your hand, it will make a crunching sound similar to someone walking through snow.

We enjoyed visiting the Silk Mill at the peaceful setting by river Test and we were also fortunate to meet the wonderful staff, who provided us with key industry insights of this working museum.

Founder and fashion stylist, Gloria Fairhurst, also introduced our SS19 MARY Scarf Collection to the Silk Mill and the local community.
This was a very special event and very close to our heart.

We are introducing our new SS19 MARY Scarf Collection and celebrating the spectacular silk, and we would like to offer you 10% OFF of our SERVICES and PRODUCTS.
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ELITE STYLE LONDON looks forward to delivering a great service and ensuring that you are perfectly styled for every occasion.

We would like to thank the following people for their engagement, support and key industry insights:
Silk Mill – Sue Tapliss, Mill Director, Whitchurch
Silk Mill – Jessica Bone, Operations Manager, Whitchurch